The Toilet Snow Plow Lets You Clean the Sidewalk from the Restroom

 - Feb 28, 2015
References: unionhardware & laughingsquid
Shoveling snow off of sidewalks is made infinitely easier thanks to the world's first toilet snow plow. David Goldberg from Union Hardware in Bethesda, Maryland, originally built this motorized toilet for Washington D.C.'s pride parade. However, Loo-cy (the toilet's name) needed to be modified once winter came, and thus the toilet snow plow was born.

Although it looks ridiculous, this snow plow is actually quite functional. The video here shows it shoveling snow from a sidewalk, with the direction of the plow controlled by the driver. Many traditional industries have struggled to break into the world of viral marketing. That being said, all the creative tweets and lip-dub videos in the world can't beat straight wackiness, especially when it comes in the form of a toilet snow plow.