These Toblerone Chocolate Print Ads Feature Film-Inspired Triangles

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: adsoftheworld
The latest Toblerone chocolate campaign uses the power of simplicity by featuring simple triangles and block colors to represent moments and themes from iconic movies. The brand uses the slogan "The main piece of your films" in these ads, emphasizing the Toblerone chocolate as a delicious movie-watching snack.

One of the ads displays a yellow triangle with a red border that is displayed upside down and against a blue background -- the graphic is reminiscent of Superman's logo. Another features a black backdrop and a yellow triangle with a black zigzag down the middle. This design is reflective of a street setting and references the film Taxi Driver. Lastly is a Titanic reference that is depicted with a silver triangle that pops out of a blue surface, signifying the tip of the infamous iceberg.