Hemp Hoodlamb Collection F/W 08/09

 - Nov 10, 2008
References: hoodlamb
Although we are still in the midst of fall, cooler temperatures are beginning to inch their way into the early morning and evening hours to let us know that winter will soon be upon us. That means many people will start seeking some warmer clothing and, for those who are conscious of the earth, apparel that is eco-friendly. One of many companies offering warm winter solutions is Hoodlamb and their 2008/2009 Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Collection.

The 2008/2009 Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Collection offers warm, fashionable and sustainable outdoor wear that ranges from hats, belts and hand-warmers to hoodies, sweaters and coats.

Hoodlamb's Hemp Winter Collection contains not only hemp but, depending on the piece, may also be combined with satifir, soy, or bamboo. And Hoodlamb's satifir belts contain hidden pockets in which to store goodies--perfect for snow bunnies.