The Tipsy Glasses are So Drunk They Can't Stand Up

The Tipsy Glasses are so plastered that they could be used to build walls. These sloppy mugs can’t even begin to stand up straight from the amount of alcohol that has been poured into them. It’s funny when people resemble their pets, but it’s even better when drunk people resemble their glasses.

When these glasses are made, they are left at a extremely hot temperature until gravity does its work and deforms the glass. With its droopy figure, the cup looks like it just finished a bottle of Jack Daniels, punched a hole in the wall and passed out.

If you have that one friend who is known as "Sloppy," the tipsy glasses are a perfect gift to compliment their stumbling and abrasive yelling. These inebriated tasters don’t come cheap at $102, so make sure you really like "Sloppy" before your purchase.