This Tiny Implant Could Make Traditional Vaccine Shots Obsolete

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: gizmodo & theverge
The days of facing scary-looking needles at the doctor's office could soon be numbered thanks to the development of a tiny implant made of gel that could replace traditional vaccine shots.

Scientists in Europe are working on developing a hydrogel vaccine implant for humans that would dissolve on contact with a catalyst released into the body in pill form. Rather than going to the Doctor for a shot, the individual would instead be able to take a pill at home to activate the vaccine patch already inside their bodies. The only needle that would be in need is the one to insert the patch under the skin to begin with.

This development could revolutionize vaccine distribution. Governments could save money just by being able to cut down on making ads to encourage people to go out to get flu shots. This tiny implant would allow people to get vaccinated right at home, also increasing the numbers of people who do get vaccinated, since it's no longer a nuisance. These implants would also be extremely useful in treating epidemics in developing and third world countries. This is a much needed innovation, and hopefully completion of it will occur in the foreseeable future.