Chasing Unicorns' Timeless Clothing Designs are Artistic

 - Jul 19, 2018
Chasing Unicorn is a contemporary fashion label with strong vintage roots that believes in the value of timeless clothing. Advocating for sustainability within the industry, the brand embraces a philosophy that is essentially the antithesis to fast fashion.

The timeless clothing is produced by hand from a workshop, based in Byron Bay, Australia. The garments are made with durability and aesthetic in mind. In addition, Chasing Unicorns offers a selection of vintage items that have been carefully selected based on their "wearability, quality, collectability," as well as their degree of integration within the label's original timeless clothing line.

With an aim to reach a collection that embraces "pure bohemian, rock and roll fun," Chasing Unicorns designs its offerings to be accessible across multiple generations and a token of familial closeness between parents and their kids.