'Time' by John Clang Addresses Urban Estrangement and Intimacy

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: johnclang & fubiz.net
'Time' by John Clang is a series of photo montages that look like they have been shredded and then repasted in regret. Instead of forming images of loved ones and cherished memories, the photo collages depict urban spaces that have been overlapped with strangers. Through a time-spatial distortion, the project is a nostalgic look at common places and shared stories.

Exploring the ideas of estrangement and intimacy in city settings, Time by John Clang also addresses the notion of identity and a person's purpose in life. The Singaporean photographer writes, "Ultimately, a good photograph is one that brings us face to face with our own existence. It pulls the stranger standing next to us into the intimate radius of our life."