Tim Silver Creates Work That is Not Long for This World

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: thecatstreetgallery & thisiscolossal
These haunting decomposing sculptures were created and destroyed by Sydney-based artist Tim Silver. Interested in the impermanence of nature and mortality, Tim Silver painstakingly creates detailed sculptures out of weak and unstable materials. Silver then sees to their slow decline, finding beauty in all stages of destruction. With the cool eye of a documentarian, Silver documents his work as it dissolves over time.

Most artists strive for immortality in their work, hoping to create a legacy with their art. Silver's work is all about decline, shifting surfaces and erosion -- take his piece 'Rory' as an example. The piece is at once gorgeous and unsettling, after all there is nothing more disturbing than constant change. Rory was constructed using blue watercolor pigment, which Silver made himself using a recipe from the 1940s. Once the fragile statue was installed in the Car Street Gallery in Hong Kong, Silver positioned a drop of water over the eye of the Rory, which ate away at the sculpture until the piece collapsed. What is most intriguing about the process Tim Silver follows is you could visit his pieces in the gallery every day and they would never be the same as they were the day before; the perfect metaphor for life.