Thysje Arthur Documents Thriving Flora Life

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
New Zealand native Thysje Arthur photographs the flora growing and thriving in the Westland rainforests. The forest floor is rich with color and nutrients, thanks to the rotting leaves and bark. Though it looks relatively solid, the ground is rather spongy in texture.

Arthur's photographs include species such as the violet coral fungus, red and blue mushrooms and a silver fern, a plant with special ties to the history and culture of New Zealand.

Each of Arthur's images showcase remarkable detail. In the midst of the busy, colorful rain forest, these small plants can easily blend into the mix. However, Arthur shoots with a shallow depth of field, allowing these beautiful organisms to take center stage in what is otherwise an ensemble performance. Arthur's work is especially important, considering the worrisome, endangered states of rain forests all over the globe. Her images raise awareness towards a dynamic, yet delicate ecosystem that needs our consideration.