The Thin Card is Smaller Than a Penny and Stores 2 TB of Data

 - Sep 4, 2011
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As technology regularly becomes cheaper, faster and smaller, innovations like the Thin Card should come as no surprise. And yet, surprise is the most immediate sense that hits me after seeing this penny-sized flash drive.

So small that misplacing it is a genuine concern, the Thin Card is a USB 3.0 device conceived of by Taiwanese electro-manufacturer ITRI. The storage device comes in several sizes, ranging all the way from 16 gigabytes to 2 TB. Something in me winces at the knowledge that such a delicate device could cost several thousand dollars and store immense amounts of sensitive information. I can relax for now, however, because ITRI is waiting for an international consensus to emerge on the format and software behind the new USB 3.0 technology.

Though it was introduced at this year's Display Taiwan, there is still no word on when these logic-defying devices will hit electronics outlets.