The Kole Thermal Flask is Designed for Enjoying Drinks On-the-Go

The Kole thermal flask is engineered to be the ideal thermos to take single serve beverages with you on-the-go. Thanks to its slender design, stylish construction and sleek shape, the Kole fits perfectly in your pocket for easy travel.

Unlike traditional thermoses, Kole is crafted entirely by hand made from high-quality stainless steel and wood. The thin yet tall design of the flask makes it easily slidable in coat pockets and bags without taking up too much room. All of the Koles produced are also made sustainably in-house without any outsourcing. Thanks to the flask's innovative design, it works for both cold and warm drinks making it perfect for liquors, espressos or even a cup of soup. This would be an ideal product to bring on a camping trip or to carry your morning beverage in on a work commute.