The WoKart is Designed for Aquatic Adrenaline Junkies

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: wokart & gizmag
The WoKart, designed by Theo Christen, is an aquatic go-kart with superior handling. It is also lightweight, checking in at 474 pounds without its outboard motor. The motor itself is interesting as the base model is an outboard motor that produces 70 horsepower. However, the motor can be switched out, allowing owners to make their WoKart faster or slower at-will.

The watercraft has a central seating area with a cockpit that looks a lot like a car's dashboard, with the cockpit sitting on two catamarans. According to the designer, no one has been able to flip the WoKart in four years of development and testing, so capsizing should not be an issue. The 70-horsepower motor can push the craft to a top speed of 46 mph. The WoKart will go into production January 2014 and will sell for $27,400 sans motor.