Uniqlo's 'The Welcome Store' Shows How Welcoming Canadians Are

 - Sep 26, 2017
References: torontolife & dailyhive
'The Welcome Store,' Uniqlo's newest concept space, presented guests with a flannel shirt and two simple options: "keep it, or hang it up for a new Canadian."

The space, which opened in the heart of downtown Toronto demonstrated how welcoming Canadians really are by functioning as a "reverse popup," -- the store's walls started bare, but were filled after guests hung what could be a free T-shirt on the walls for a newcomer. Uniqlo's chief of Canadian operations stated "We opened a pop-up space that was completely empty so that Canadians could be the ones to fill it up." Later, new Canadians were welcomed into the newly-filled popup space, where they were informed the shirts had been gifted to them by existing community members.

The touching campaign claims "The only thing more Canadian than a flannel, is giving it away."