The Uni Project Features a Portable Open Reading Room

The Uni Project is a lightweight and portable reading room for books and the exchange of knowledge. The idea is for the design to be placed in large public areas and encourage people to borrow a book. The prototype for the design was created by two students from MIT.

The Uni Project is a brilliant design to encourage reading amongst people both young and old. The central assumption behind the project is that knowledge should be free and accessible to all. The Uni Project knowledge centres also aim to stimulate conversation of important topics, like in ancient Greece. I found the project after rooting around the Kickstarter page. The project is an interesting one because it challenges notions of ownership; it will be interesting to see how the project plays out within different communities.

Implications - Social responsibility has become a concept that many eco-minded individuals have come to value. Social responsibility can include any initiative that gives back in a positive way to a larger community. Companies should build SR into their overall marketing strategies.