The Handy Twist Pencil Sharpener Conforms to Different Diameters

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: & yankodesign
The Twist Pencil Sharpener does not discriminate against different graphite-based writing utensils based on size; it expands and contracts quite cleverly in order to accommodate every dull-ended scribbler in your pencil case.

Its looped and double-layered design requires just a gentle pinch from the fingers holding it in order to bring slender writing utensils to fine points. For broader graphite doodlers and pencil crayons, Abhishek Anupam's ductile desk accessory simply expands to facilitate their insertion.

Two other features of the Twist Pencil Sharpener make it even more innovative: a symmetrical design provides a pair of blades so that the user can chisel down conical tips by turning their implements in either direction; a full-length slit along one side of the little carver lets you easily remove broken leads so that they don't get jammed inside.