The Sacred Order of Geeks Points Out Poindexters

The Sacred Order of Geeks Infographic is hilariously accurate in defining nerds. The infographic was created by the website Best Colleges Online in order to celebrate the ever-expanding geek world. Mapping out the diverse territories, from film geeks to the ubergeek, the immense amount of labels can surely correspond to a geek in all of us.

Each geek category is given a few defining characteristics. For example ,the comic book geek "can accurately depict the outcome of any hypothetical battle between two superheroes." A pretty genuine description of the graphic novel-loving community.

Personally, as a self-proclaimed pop culture geek, I believe that the geekdom has grown large enough to no longer hide anyone's inner geek. And, whatever geek territory you hail from we can all unite under the same label of geek.