The QuadControl Lets the Fully Paralyzed Play Video Games

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: quadcontrol & dvice
As a lifelong gamer, I am totally stoked by the QuadControl. The QuadControl is a system that lets quadriplegics control video game controllers using their mouth.

QuadControl was founded by Ken Yankelevitz, a former aerospace engineer who has been developing controllers for quadriplegics since the days of Atari. The current offerings from QuadControl are a little more advanced, with kits for both the PS2 and Xbox 360 currently for sale on the site. The QuadControl seems like it takes some getting used to, but the gamer in the video here seems to have little difficulty pressing the buttons needed to control and move his character.

As of now, the kits aren't too cheap, coming in at $225 for the PS2 and $260 for the Xbox 360. Hopefully, a big-time controller company will see the potential of this untapped market and create its own kits. You can see the QuadContol in action in the video here.