Dried Snack Food Packaging for the Lazy Farmer is Humorous

There are two kinds of farmers out there: those who dotingly tend to their crops and those who would rather let nature do all the work for them—guess what group The Lazy Farmer belongs to?

The Lazy Farmer is a fictitious line of dried snacks created by Simen Wahlqvist that plays off the idea that "the only thing he is good for is waiting for things to age." The concept packaging for the dried snacks comes in color-coded pouches that look like they came straight from the farm. In addition to color, each of the snacks is differentiated by a humorous description of the product with words like "dusty," "musty," "rusty" or "crusty" old. Although these are not typically words that you'd see on food packaging, it proves that the fictive brand has a sense of humor.