The Kiwa Series by Cho Hyung Suk is a Splendid Furniture Creation

 - Feb 21, 2011   Updated: May 16 2011
References: & gizfactory
Traditional Korean architecture is often an elaborately impressive latticed affair, and it is from that methodology that the Kiwa Series by Cho Hyung Suk takes its cues.

The Kiwa Series by Cho Hyung Suk makes extensive use of tiles known as 'Kiwa' to create a bright and porous piece of furniture that takes advantage of its surrounding light sources to create intricate patterns with its shadow. It also comes in a myriad of different colors, which further advances its aesthetic effect.

Implications - Contemporary designs nowadays are more than just modern. Talented artists worldwide have injected a bit of their cultural concepts into original works that bring a whole new different aesthetic to the table. The combination of the new world with the traditions of the old brings nostalgia and sentiment into a home without seeming too old-fashioned for consumers. Businesses should see opportunities in creating products or marketing with a "moderntique" look.