The Flash of Light Photo Series is Electrically Illuminating

 - Apr 11, 2011
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Although some may say that the light graffiti fad has died down a bit, I think that the Flash of Light photo series shows otherwise. It incorporates these nebulous elements in such a way as to create captivating captures without compromising the fashion statement in the slightest.

Photographed by Andrey Ivanov, The Flash of Light photo series features the stunning and statuesque model Irina Kornia. Her poses juxtaposed with the light painting creates an interesting facade of movement that seems to leap off of the screen. I especially like how Ivanov used various types of light details, from neon lines to more muted blots and dots.

The Flash of Light photo series also featured the makeup artistry of Anna Kuzmynykh, who took a subtly dark path with the models' visages.