Artist Francesco Sambo is Behind 'The Dreamers' Photography Series

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: vainart & inspirefirst
Artist Francesco Sambo created 'The Dreamers' photography series, which is centered around deep sleep. These intriguing shots feature sleeping men, women and children, each striking a different sleepy pose. In some of these photos limbs are seen hanging off of beds, while in others people sleep with their faces beneath pillows. This sleep-monitoring series draws attention to the peculiar positions people end up in during REM sleep.

Each of these shots appears to have been taken in the same dark room, with the same grayish walls and burgundy blankets. In some of these photos the beds seem to be levitating without any frames, which adds extra interest to these restful pictures.

The Dreamers series points out that during deep sleep cycles people look almost like their spirits have left their bodies. These people look like empty vessels wrapped up in sheets and blankets.