The Dog Matchmaker Helps Connect You With Eligible Pets

The Dog Matchmaker is an innovative small business, created by dog-lover Sarah Brasky, that connects wannabe pet-owners with the perfect canine or feline. The service matches users' personality traits with animals, helping them find the pet that best fits in with their and their family's needs and lifestyle. Brasky proactively helps clients find their ideal dog or a suitable or superior alternative depending on each individual case.

The service has the witty and truthful tagline, "The only matchmaking site where finding love is a sure thing."

If you'd like to utilize The Dog Matchmaker's services, all you have to do is complete a questionnaire before paying a modest fee of $50 which will pay for a customized dog list for you to choose from, advice during the adoption process as well as insight about available dogs and relevant rescue organizations.

Brasky is a great example of how one person's passion and drive is all that's needed to make a small business successful and gain plaudits.