The Chung!! Draws the Curiously Weird World of Adorable Monsters

 - Jun 4, 2013
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Artist David Chung, better known as The Chung!!, illustrates hilariously adorable monsters that are up to no good whatsoever, yet manage to capture our hearts because they are irresistibly cute and super cheerful.

These naughty demons go around pissing each other off, cursing, disturbing humans and being all around pests to everything around them. However, they are so sweet with their giant eyes and disarming smiles that, if you like little fluffy things as much as I do, makes you want to snuggle them and squeeze them. Yet, if we actually got close enough to do that, they might piss on us, pull out our hair or go for our intestines if they're feeling especially naughty.

The curiously cute critters created by The Chung!! are a pack of audaciously devious rascals.