The GoPole Bobber is a Life Jacket for GoPro Cameras

 - May 31, 2012
References: gopole & gizmag
The Bobber does exactly what one would expect, given the name -- it bounces and floats atop the water to keep GoPro cameras from getting lost while having some fun off-land.

Developed by GoPole, the handle doubles as both a grip to steady the camera and a floatation device to save the camera from sinking to the bottom of the deep blue because someone with wet hands had a case of butterfingers.

If dropped, the buoy-like, bright yellow gadget floats upright to ensure that one can simply swim over and find their camera. While other similar devices exist out there, this one claims that it will not block the LCD screen which means one's GoPro can wear its life jacket at all times without compromising the viewfinder.