The Bachelor Guy

 - Sep 30, 2007
References: thebachelorguy
When GM flew me down to Detroit I got to meet a bunch of other bloggers from a variety of backgrounds, all who had very interesting sites. One of them was from The Bachelor Guy, a site that advises the single man on what to do, where to go and how to maximize the experience of bachelor living. It makes perfect sense -- look how many sites there are geared at women. Sure, there's and GQ's website, but none focus specifically on the life of the single man.

With the slogan, "...because someone's gotta tell you these things," the Florida-based company covers everything from style to food and drink, entertainment, travel, gadgets and tips for understanding women. They post a variety of amusing editorial content including "10 Examples of Why Guys Shouldn't Drink and Invent," "Women - What they Say When We're Not Around," and the "Field Guide to the North American Bikini."

The site editor also gives a run down of the fun trips he gets to go on. He flew into Detroit to review GM's cars right after a golf and gaming trip to a luxury resort in Biloxi.