'The Arctic Melt' Captures Haunting Images of Global Warming's Impact

 - May 17, 2017
References: fubiz.net
Diane Tuft's new photo series "The Arctic Melt' features haunting images that depict the extent of Global Warming's impact. The photos, which were taken in Greenland and Norway capture the fragile landscapes of the Earth's coolest climates.

The disappearing landscapes presented in Tuft's work evoke a sense of urgency, reminding the viewer that the scenery will soon be obsolete. Tuft has spent the majority of her career trying to warn people of the adverse and very real effects of climate change, traveling to remote areas of the world to document its progress.

Photographing arctic glaciers and oceans, Tuft hopes to bring light to the reality that global warming takes on a much scarier face the further away from home you go, serving as a harsh reminder of what is being rapidly lost.