The Anomalies Jojo Ross Collection Catalog is Sci-Fi Chic

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: notjustalabel & notjustalabel
'The Anomalies' Jojo Ross collection explores a futuristic design concept revolving around strings as the veins of life. Experimenting with a multitude of string forms, the designer from Auckland, New Zealand creates sci-fi chic womenswear that pays homage to 80s cult classic film Robocop.

Dressed in a utilitarian wardrobe, models sport helmeted head pieces and string-accented dresses made with unconventional materials. This collection brings a complex scientific concept to life and pays tribute to 1970s string art and retro futurism ideals.

The Anomalies Jojo Ross collection displays the designer's intricate weaving techniques that combine colored strings pieces with structured PVC materials. The finished garments exude a futuristic air and give off an illusion of the third dimension.