The AER is Designed to Offer an Interesting Riding Experience

 - Sep 3, 2010   Updated: Aug 4 2011
Designed by Andre Federico Look, the AER is an electric and zero-emission racing bike which is quite different from any conventional bike. The bike consists of four electric engines placed in its centre. The engines have the capacity to produce 143.5KW of power collectively, ensuring an exciting race.

Sensitive tire temperature management of the AER bike ensures a constant temperature over the laps without facing any specific tire problems in the racing track.

Implications - As consumers become increasingly more environmentally conscious, products that offer eco-friendly alternatives without sacrificing style or quality will excel. Businesses can benefit from these changing times by creating green solutions and alternative products. The AER racing bike offers an intelligent and environmentally responsible option to consumers, as well as a unique design that appeals to consumers who seek to show their individuality through their automobiles.