The Aduki Ni Colour Changing Bean Lamp

 - May 6, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: gizmodo
The Aduki Ni Colour Changing Bean Lamp is ultra cool as it beams forth glowing light for up to 8 hours. Ready for another round? Simply recharge and continue enjoying the Bean Lamp's curved lines and cool colour changing glow.

Implications - People in today's society are fascinated by odd and bizarre products that fulfill their growing desire to fill their homes with unique objects. With a growing science fiction fan base, otherworldly furnishing are not that uncommon. As major franchises like Star Trek get revamped and mass marketed to a wider audience, designers are able to piggy back on the growing acceptance of futuristic aesthetics. Consumers wishing they were born on another planet will be more than excited to purchase an alien-like product.