'Gran Text Auto' Simulates the Dangers of Drivers Texting on the Road

 - Jul 7, 2015
References: itunes.apple & appadvice
Texting on the road is something you should never do, unless you are playing a round of 'Gran Text Auto,' where this activity is exactly what scores you big points.

The texting and driving game stars a reckless grandma emoji in what's called a "octogenarian adventure," where the senior only devotes half of her attention to driving and the other half to texting. Users take the wheel as gran by tilting their mobile devices to steer, while also correctly keying in the right response messages to texts—it's difficult to be good at both things simultaneously.

By showing people exactly what they should not be doing when driving on the road, Gran Text Auto uses humor to show the absurdity of trying to do two tasks that require your full attention at the same time.