The Life Paint Temporarily Renders Any Surface Glowing for Night Safety

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: volvocars & uncrate
The Life Paint aerosol textile spray is an innovative product that temporarily renders any surface reflective. This ideal for riding, running or doing virtually anything in the dark when having a reflective wearable is ideal in keeping the wearer safe.

Performing any activity during the nighttime requires added attention to being safely seen as a form of protection from on-coming vehicles or to even prevent getting lost. The Life Paint is a convenient product to have on-hand that turns virtually any object into a reflective surface. The illuminating silver paint is made from water-based materials so it can be easily be applied to shoes, coats, sweaters, hats or vests instantly. Because the paint is water-based it can be easily removed from the item simply by running it through the wash.