Aniela Hoitink Used Mycelium to Create The Neffa Dress

 - Apr 3, 2018
References: & dezeen
Through the willingness of designers to conduct vigorous textile experiments, the fashion industry is able to maintain a steady course toward innovation. As many creatives are turning to biodegradable materials for construction, Dutch fashion designer Aniela Hoitink utilizes mushroom mycelium to deconstruct traditional methods of textile use.

The material that Hoitink uses for her innovative 'Neffa' dress, is the "vegetative part of a fungus or a fungus-like colony". By conducting these textile experiments, the designer aims to create a garment out of a living product and, hopefully, "change the way [people] use textiles."

After trial and error, Aniela Hoitink is able to develop a mycelium-based material that retains its shape and offers flexibility, without the use of synthetics or any additional materials.