'Voice Stick' Facilitates the Blind, the Elderly and the Lazy

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: coroflot & yankodesign
It is hard to imagine a world without eyesight, yet so many people live without the ability to see and, consequently, read. Braille is costly and time consuming both to produce and to master, thus its application is extremely limited. The 'Voice Stick' concept enters to revolutionize the life of the visually impaired and offer a breath of fresh high-tech air to script recognition.

Designed by Sung Woo Park, the cutting-edge device is a portable text scanning tool, utilizing the OCR function to identify text and convert this information into voice. This advanced technology allows visually impaired people to read everything from books and newspapers to mail and business cards.

The enchanting ability of this state-of-the-art wand to turn scripts to audio books can be a blessing for the elderly, as well, with its conspicuous design and straightforward function. It can even find a market among the lazy of us that really can’t be bothered with the tedious reading process, or those that simply have associated it with cruel school memories.