Captaincripple's Terminator Leg Provides a Great Conversation Starter

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: reddit & neatorama
When 20 year old Reddit member captaincripple lost his leg in a motorcycle accident about a year ago, he asked the forum for prosthetic design suggestions and settled on a Terminator Leg theme. An amazing rendition of the classic film's aesthetic, the Terminator leg is one badass prosthetic.

Airbrushed by Brisbane artist Stuart Vimpani, the Terminator Leg not only makes what could have been a very unfortunate situation fun, it also provides some great material to pick up girls. Captaincripple's favorite line happens to be, "I'll give you 3 guesses as to why I have a limp, if you get it wrong you can buy me a drink and let me flirt with you for a while."

What do you think about the Terminator Leg?