UCO Stakelight LED Tent Pegs Ensures Clear Visibility in the Night

 - Feb 20, 2016
References: amzn.to & thegadgetflow
Finding your way back to the tent in the night is no easy feat in the wilderness with only the moon as your light source, so UCO Stakelight LED Tent Pegs are designed to help out. Working with your existing tent, the pegs help to securely keep your wilderness dwelling in place while offering enhanced visibility benefits.

Each of the UCO Stakelight LED Tent Pegs is outfitted with a battery-powered illuminator that will shine brightly in the night. The pegs can be set to steady or strobe mode to ensure you can distinguish your campsite through the woods.

One of the biggest issues when you arrive to a campsite after dark is having to setup your gear in the pitch black which is harder than it seems. The pegs can help you see where you're staking and even help if you're leaving in the night to see where your groundings are.