'Tender Times' by Scott C. is Visually Stunning and Inviting

This collection of illustrations comes from Tender Times by Scott C., the artist's newest show opening May 11th, 2012 at The Cotton Candy Machine Art Boutique in Brooklyn N.Y. The artist and illustrator has done work for a variety of projects ranging from children's books to video games.

Scott C.'s animation appeals to the inner child within his audience. The images appear to come straight out of a child's imagination, while the artwork itself demonstrates the illustrator's skillful ability. A wide range of characters are depicted in this series of drawings, all of which embody a soft and inviting atmosphere.

As Art Director at Double Fine productions, Scott C. has been a part of such visually stunning video games as Psychonaughts and Brutal Legends. His artwork continues to appeal to both children and adult audiences alike.