Malabar's Templo II Cabinet is a Unique Storage Box

 - Jan 29, 2018
Traditionally, cabinets and dresser drawers are large pieces of furniture propped up by short, stout legs, but the Templo II cabinet reimagines how to efficiently store one's things. The playful yet practical piece holds several differently sized cabinets within a colorful cube, but that cube is supported by tall legs that lift the entire structure up to a more convenient height.

Low-standing dresser drawers usually provide plenty of space for storage, but they aren't particularly ergonomic. The items stored in the lowest drawers require crouching or kneeling to access, which can be a challenge for people with mobility issues. Likewise, raised, built-in cabinets are often out of reach for shorter people or people in wheelchairs. The Templo II cabinet's modern design might be what makes it stand out, but the fact that it stands up might be what makes it most beneficial for consumers.