World Wide Teens in Colors Magazine # 76

 - Jan 12, 2010
References: lab.colorsmagazine
Colors Magazine # 76 is dedicated to teenagers and includes short stories and personal portraits. Shown in this issue are images of some of 2010’s teens from across the globe, youth that defy the stereotypes seen in the media of today’s younger generations.

Whether they are regional or global trends, these stories focus on individual lives. From Spain we get to know a group of Lolitas in an imaginary fairytale. Russia brings us vampire teens. Down south in Colombia, we meet the ultimate Pablo Escobar fan and in Johannesburg’s poor suburbs, a group of girls get ready for the year-end ball. From the US we’re introduced to a traveling troupe of young freaks who cross the country to meet each other. An 18-year-old living in Slovenia divides his time between his muscles and his school books. In Cambodia, an untypical beauty contest winner regains her self-confidence.

Colors Magazine, which is published in Italy, is "A magazine about the rest of the World."