This Commercial for Tecfidera Shows a Patient's Healthy Lifestyle

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: ispot
This active commercial spotlights the multiple sclerosis medication Tecfidera, a product of Biogen. The ad spot for Tecfidera shows a young woman comfortably transitioning between active pursuits such as visiting an amusement park, hiking in a forest and swimming in a pool.

The delayed-release medication targets relapsing multiple sclerosis, which sees symptoms of the disease flare-up in attack-like bouts, followed by periods of remission during which the disease does not progress. The commercial positions itself as helping patients achieve pre-diagnosis energy levels.

An interesting point to note in this campaign is the intentional focus on an active lifestyle. The ad spot aims to position the drug as a tool for maintaining one's healthy lifestyle pursuits, a particular concern when facing the early stages of multiple sclerosis.