Yena Lee Creates a Charming Tea Bag Design for Fancy Indulgences

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: yankodesign
This teabag design from Yena Lee is perfect for the fancy and sophisticated tea parties that I never seem to get invited to.

Not only is this teabag design visually stunning, it is also functional. It will hold one's tea bag in place for easy removal. I can't tell you how many staples I've almost swallowed because the top of my tea bag fell in the cup.

Creative teabag designs have become a decorative fad that has garnered some enthusiastic attention. They are especially useful when trying to differentiate brands and they add a level of playfulness for consumers.

Be warned: the butterfly teabag design may act as a decoy and attract more butterflies to one's tea party. They may look pretty, but they are not to be trusted. As coined by Bart Simpson, "No one ever suspects the butterfly."