These Tea Bag Designs are Creatively Made to Look Like Swimming Fish

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: charmvilla & eater
Taiwanese design firm Charm Villa recently put together a line of tea sachets designed to look like tiny goldfish swimming around in a cup of hot water. The product features a structure made from paper that is designed to add an air of whimsy to the drinking experience.

The tea bags are creatively designed using a teardrop shape rather than a triangle or square to capture the body shape of the fish. Extra pieces of paper are used to replicate the creature's tail and fins along with circular cutouts for the eyes. Each bag features several components that are handcrafted and when the bag is placed inside hot water, it swells up in size capturing the full shape of the fish. The added paper fin features dance around in the water capturing the essence of the creature so well known in Asian culture as a sign of good luck.