The Tejava Tea Pods are Unsweetened and Naturally Formulated

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Coffee pods continue to hold a competitive spot in the market, so the new Tejava Tea Pods come as an option to help tap into the community of tea drinkers, and to acknowledge a lack of options in this area.

The new pods were created by the Crystal Geyser Water Company in partnership with Intelligent Blends to create a product that is unsweetened, all-natural and made with handpicked tea leaves from Indonesia.

The Tejava Tea Pods were explained by the Roast Master at Intelligent Blends, Jeff McIntosh, when he said, "Working with the people at Tejava, collaborating on these new tea blends has been nothing short of an incredible process. I'm personally very excited to see how the tea community reacts to this new easy use method."