The Taxi Driver Remake is Set in a Post-Giuliani New York

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: jest & thefw
This modernized Taxi Driver Remake marks the transformation of crime in New York City. Created by the comedy website Jest, the video revamps the Martin Scorsese classic ‘Taxi Driver.’ The movie features a young Robert DeNiro in one of his most iconic role as Travis Bickle, driving through NYC in the 1970s. At the time, the city was at its most violent as crime and prostitutes ran high.

Fast forward a couple decades to present day in what is considered a "Post-Giuliani" era and the only thing New York City is running rampant in is tourists. Iconic brands crowd the streets and one of the most disturbing sights seems to be the Spiderman musical.

The Taxi Driver Remake is an entertaining re-edit that provides both laughter and insight.