The Semi-Automatic Taser X3 Makes Zapping 3 Times Easier

 - Jul 30, 2009
References: gizmodo
Well, it’s here. Just days after British Columbia issued tighter taser usage rules, TASER International has introduced the X3.

This cute little zapper is the first new handheld ECD (electronic control device) they’ve released since the introduction of the TASER(r) X26(tm) ECD in 2003. The new model boasts being the first semi-automatic: it can fire three cartridges without being reloaded.

The angle of the X3 is safety. "A revolutionary Pulse Calibration System" monitors electrical output so that the target receives the safest effective dose. And so, in theory, do his two buddies.

We have mixed feelings about this improved taser technology. It is comforting to know that the weapon is being developed with our safety in mind, but it is still resting heavily on a general code of honor. 

We will choose to be optimistic, though, and to believe that no one would use this opportunity to triple-tase the next punk who mouths off. 

So, please, we know this is pretty cool, but zap responsibly.