Raquel Figueira Explores Different "Philias, Manias and Phobias"

 - Oct 17, 2010
References: raquelfigueira & itsnicethat
As different forms of obsession quietly coexist with our everyday lives, "Philias, Manias and Phobias" by Raquel Figueira is an art project that uses modified familiar, habitual objects to bring these obssesions to a tangible form.

The first image featured stands for Symmetrophobia (the obsessive fear of symmetry). The artist explores other interesting obsessions through 3-D creations and photography: Sitophilia (obsessive affection for food), Basiphilia (obsessive affection for falling) or Bruxomania (obsessive compulsion to grind teeth). I may suffer from that last one if I think about it.