Talia Frenkel's One-for-One Innovations are Constantly Changing

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: thisisl & fastcoexist
SocialBusiness.org has covered Talia Frenkel's L. Condoms company before: her eco-friendly condoms attempted to target men while at the same time utilizing a one-for-one giving program, popularized by the famous TOMS.

Things are heating up and now Talia Frenkel is selling her products at CVS and further, her impetus is to go ahead a one-hour delivery service for those who need it. And need it bad. Currently servicing San Francisco, L. will move to also cover New York City this coming May.

Launched on none other than Valentine's Day, L. also had a pretty cheeky one-minute ad called "A Call to Good Men," which got almost 400,000 views on its YouTube channel. "Good men give a f**k," they say.

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