The Tal Golesworthy Heart Implant Continues to Save Other Lives

 - Jan 26, 2011
References: theengineer & dvice
When a Marfan syndrome sufferer was told his aortic root may rupture, the solution did not come from modern medicine, but rather in the form of the Tal Golesworthy Heart Implant. It's lucky that the patient happened to be an engineer, for he had life-threatening motivation to design a this incredible molded tube prosthesis.

Devised to act like a bandage to support the ventricle, the Tal Golesworthy Heart Implant has managed to succeed, keeping its creator and recipient alive since 2004. Incredibly, the implant has since been adopted into the surgical community and the current count is up to 23 other people who have been helped by it.

Photo Credits: The Cool Kids Table