T Mobile G1 Photos Leaked Early

 - Sep 23, 2008
References: tmonews & nbr.co.nz
The G Phone is set to be released today, the T Mobile G1 making its world debut in the U.S., but official G1 photos have already been leaked!

As we know, and clearly Google knows too, 'leaks' are a huge way to generate press.

It seems like we were just talking about the Android OS Google Phone and the potential of it being a mere rumor, but the GPhone is real, and the specs to flesh out details are already on the web. The 3G gphone has a full QWERTY keyboard and connects directly to Google maps, Gmail, YouTube, Talk and calendar and a camera.

Searches will certainly be up for G1 Phone photos, as beingn the one to flaunt first glimpses of the official Google Phone images spells huge success for any tech bloggers.