The Symtra Lamp Has a Deconstructed Shade That Both Shadows and Emits

 - May 25, 2012
References: humanscale & mocoloco
Where lampshades create ambiance, they also stir up opinions about electrical inefficiency. The Symtra Lamp begins to solve this complaint by simultaneously delivering two strengths of illumination, depending on which direction it faces.

Designer Peter Stathis reduced the form of a typical bulb cover to four flat trapezoidal faces. He proceeded to eliminate two opposite light-blocking planes to allow rays to escape straight out unhindered. The user may choose more intense direct lighting when reading a book or playing a game, and position the Symtra Lamp so that the shading surfaces are angled to the sides. Alternatively, for a bright room that's gentler on the eyes, the fixture can be turned to obstruct harsh beams coming at the user.