These DIY Swiss Rolls Display an Ornate Pattern

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: larecetadelafelicidad
Patterned Swiss Rolls make the perfect dessert for a tea party or fancy soiree. Decorated with an elegant design, these Swiss Rolls are sweet and stunning.

The traditional Swiss Roll is a sweet dessert with a jelly, whipped cream or icing filling that is stuffed inside of a sponge cake roll. The Patterned Swiss Rolls recipe glamorizes the basic Swiss Roll and decorates the dish with an ornamental design. A decorative paste made of dehydrated raspberry powder, flour and sweeteners, is what makes the elegant design of this dessert while the actual roll is stuffed with a semi-frozen raspberry cream that accents the delicious and decorated sponge cake.

Though these Swiss Rolls may look too good to eat, they taste even better than they look.